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Mr. Chavali Suneel, a promising Indian International Throw ball player, was born in a family of agricultural labourers Raju and Lokamma at Kollipara village near Tenali. Sunil took to the game at an early age defying odds to reach to the national-level. The dusty ground at the local ZP High School was converted to a throwball ground, and being motivated by his coach Koganti Ramesh Babu, Sunil found himself donning the national jersey in 2009. His first golden moment came in the School Games Federation Championship held at Kadapa in 2009. He won gold medals at the State-level meets held in 2007 at Pedapalem and the national meet held in 2008 at Nizamabad. His successive outings in Karnataka in 2010 and in Maharashtra in 2012 brought him to the national stage.

Being a sports player in India, who came from a background from nothing to something, without taking any help from anyone, fought for the only game he always loved. Now he is a role model to many Indian players who aspires to become a sports person. Irrespective of seeking help from the Government, he alone fights for the things to achieve the position of an International Throw ball Player winning 6 International gold medals and 7 national cups in India.

He always says that it may sound ironic, but the biggest hurdles come from the people who are responsible for helping the sportsman. Sports governing bodies in India face issues like Corruption, selection in trails based on recommendation and non performance, etc. We are all aware that very few sports in India are getting recognised and valued. Depending upon the nature of the sport, the much needed coaching, diet, equipment, proper clothing, etc can be expensive as most sports allow the sportsman to follow a code of uniform while playing. Sunil always project development of sports in India needs a change not only from Government side, but also in the mindset of people.

To build a sports career, sportsman need financial support, proper coaching, selection process should be transparent and unbiased, strong process or law to deal with cases of corruption and political involvement. If the sports governing bodies will be headed by ex-sportsmen then in turn would also provide job for the retired sports person. Sunil always adds that if government will take initiative in providing basic facilities like play grounds, training, physician, equipment and medical assistance to all the towns and cities of the country, everyone will get benefitted which in turn raises the social image of India and If the promotion of all sports would be done equally disregarding the popularity factor, encouraging the sports persons with every small victory to boost the confidence levels of players, our Indian sports players will make miracles in International level sports meets.

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Suneel not only a sportsman who always dreamt of playing for India, is also a good human being with good ethical values, being raised from a family of agricultural labourers, he always knows his routes and always try to help others who are in need of education help, looking for financial help. He is the founder of several organizations like Helping hands and Bahujana Educational Society. Irrespective of the busy schedule, he always coordinates the activities that are being supported by him. Not only he helps for children, but also for the old age people who are in need of food and shelter at the last stages of their life.

Now he is working on spreading the awareness and build a movement towards encouraging Indian sports. Not only Suneel, many private NGO’s who are running by former sports persons, are striving to change the country’s attitude towards sports with the help of public support, more and more Indians will be inspired to do their bit. Suneel is seeking help from the public in promoting sports to all levels of students in the society by donating their old sports kits to the local sports clubs, supporting regional tournaments and by encouraging the younger generation to participate in sports actively.

Suneel is meeting many schools and colleges in support of the promotion of sports actively and conducting many sports sessions, taking example of his own struggles to become a successful champion in Indian History. Many students are getting motivated because of his inspirational speeches and the struggles he faced to be in such a position. So, with this, personally he is expecting each and every Indian citizen to support the promotion of supports starting from their school age. He adds, encouraging the players in small victories boost their chances to aim for the big.

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